Podcast Hardware and Software

There is a great deal of excitement over using new multimedia technologies. I recently embarked on a journey to get setup to be able to create podcasts and vidcasts.

I own a software company and our primary computers are Windows based however we have started to write Apple iPhone applications so I had to purchase a Mac computer. Since it is for software development – I just needed the least  expensive Mac. I ended up purchasing a Mac Mini for about $600 plus tax.  I am using the free LogMeIn software from my PC to remotely acces the Mac mini and share the Macs desktop ( this way I didn’t need to purchase an additional monitor, keyboard and mouse ).  I purchased a Samson G Track USB Microphone and Audio Interface. The microphone plugs in to a USB port on the Mac mini. I am using a $20 headphone that plugs into the Samson microphone. The Samson microphone cost about $129 plus shipping. I purchased a Canon FS100 video camera with a 16GB flash memory card ( priced at under $400). I purchased a $30 tripod for the video camera. I am using the iMovie and Garageband software that is included at no extra cost with the Mac Mini.

Mac mini           $600

Video Camera $400

Microphone     $129

Tripod                $ 30

Headphone      $ 20

Including tax and shipping my setup cost less than $1300.

This is amazing because only a few years ago a setup with similar capabilitiezs would have cost tens of thousands of dollars.

I will be writing posts in the near furture to recommend YouTube training videos.