Review of “Intervalic Improvisation” by Walt Weiskopf

Intervalic Improvisation The Modern Sound: A Step Beyond Linear Improvisation by Walt Weiskopf  is a book that provides an introduction to improvising using intervals.

Many jazz improvisors learn linear improvisation. Linear improvisation is basically learning what scale to play over various chord changes. For every scale there are one or more triad pairs that work or sound good over a particular chord.

This book works for all instruments.

Pages 4-19 of the book are used to derive triad pairs from the major scale, harmonic minor scale, melodic minor scale, diminished scale, harmonic major scale, whole tone scale and augmented scale.  Pages 24-93 include exercises and patterns. The last section of the book contains etudes that provide examples of how intervalic improvisation can be used.

This is a very good book that I suggest that you study.

You can purchase the book from the following:

While you are at it you should also consider some of Walt’s music. Walt is an awesome player!

Major Triad Workout and Resources

Let’s be honest – do you really know all of your major triads in all12 keys? Do you know  the root position and the first and second inversions in all twelve keys? I mean really know – the kind of know that you don’t have to think about it you know it so well. Can you play the attached triad exercises accurately at a very fast tempo?

If you answered no to any of these questions then this post is for you. In addition to the supplied exercises I will point you to several other resources for improving your triad skills.

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Additional Resources:

In chapter 4 of the following Bert Ligon book, “Triadic Generalization” is discussed.

In chapter 15 of the following Bert Ligon book, “Extended Tertian Structures & Tridac Superimposition” is discussed.

In chapter 3 of the following book Bert Ligon provides many nice ideas and exercises related to “Triads & Generalization”.

In the following book Ernie Watts provides some very nice triad exercises.

The following book by Walt Weiskopf on “Intervalic Improvisation” is based upon using triad pairs and their various inversions.

Exercises 1-12 of “Patterns For Jazz” contain excellent triad exercises. If you don’t yet have this book you should add it to your “Must Have” list.

Be sure to check out the following items from Steve Neff at Neff Music:
“The Ultimate II-V-I Primer” this is an excellent beginning book.
The following Steve Neff lessons are also very good for triads:
“In A Mellow Tone with Triads-Video”
“Major Triad Samba”

Be sure to check out Evan Tates 250 Jazz Patterns

Have fun mastering the major triads!