Saxophone Journal Online Order NOT Secure – Pass the word

The Saxophone Journal has had a longstanding reputation for being a high quality publication. The quality of the articles and the appearance of the magazine is second to none. The Saxophone Journal is published by DORN Publications out of Medfield MA. The website for DORN publications however is a throwback to the earliest days of the web. The copyright on the site is 1998 and the site looks the part. This site is so bad that it implies a small rag-tag operation with little or no concern for the internet and a modern and functional website.

In the fairness of disclosure, I own a software development company that designs and builds websites. The company name is Mainstream IT.

Unfortunately the travesty’s of this website go well beyond that of a very outdated website.¬† The website has bold text that says “Secure Website”. Nothing could be further from the truth. For example if you click on the link to “Subscribe to the Saxophone Journal” you will be taken to a form to fill in your information. Your information includes your credit card numbers. When you press the submit button all of your information is sent from your browser to their server and the information is NOT ENCRYPTED – this means people on the internet could steal all of your important information and credit card numbers. Furthermore¬† if you click on the Woodwind Products or other links on this site and then attempt to purchase something you will see that this time they do encrypt the transaction however they use a self signed security certificate. Once again I strongly recommend that you don’t purchase something from a business that does not use a security certificate that has been signed by a reputable Certificate Authority.

Hopefully DORN publications will see the light and fix the security issues on their website as well as update it to reflect the same quality as their paper magazines.

We welcome Saxophonist Don Kelly as a blog author on

We welcome Saxophonist Don Kelly as a blog author on In addition to his talents on saxophone and flute, Don hold a Ph.D. in Physics. We look forward to hearing from Don!  Don calls Houston, Texas his home.

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