Super Offer on Sax and Jazz from Evan Tate

I have written several articles that refer to Evan Tate and his publications and podcasts. To date, I have purchased Evan’s “250 Jazz Patterns” and also his “Blues and Rhythm Changes in All 12 Keys” books.  My website has several backing tracks to practice on using Evan’s books. These are excellent books. I have also subscribed to Evan’s monthly online lessons. I plan to write a formal review of his lessons after I have received a couple of them.

Please checkout the following offer from Evan – this is a super good deal:

Super Deal from Evan Tate

Review of Beginning Improvisation: Motivic Development by Ed Tomassi

Today I am reviewing a 33 minute DVD entitled “Beginning Improvisation: Motivic Development” by Ed Tomassi. Ed Tomassi is a professor at Berklee College of Music.

In the video Tomassi shows you how to use 2,3 or 4 note motives ( riffs ) to create compelling solos. He shows you how to add variety and depth by stringing several different motives together. Ed also tells you about “Through Composing” which along with motives provide for a “call and answer” in your solo.

Tomassi provides demonstrations while playing over the chord changes to “Blue Bossa”.

The DVD is an excellent addition to your improv library and get you to thinking in a very different way.


Beginning Improvisation: Motivic Development