Using the iPad for Gigs and as a Practice Aid

Like many musicians, I’m used to carrying music stands, music, music stand lights, and clips for the music (to use if playing outside when its windy).  For quite some time I have been wondering when technology would improve and be affordable for musicians and music students.  I’m from Austin Texas and for the past several months I have been seeing more and more musicians showing up to gigs with an iPad.  They usually clip the iPad on a vocal microphone stand.  After speaking with several musicians with iPads,  I decided to take the plunge and purchase an iPad myself.

I purchased a new iIPad with Retina display and 16GB of storage space ( wireless only ). I also purchased a high quality microphone stand.  I purchased an iKlip to attach the iPad to my microphone stand.

I use the following music ( or music related ) applications on the iPad:

1. iReal b

2. OnSong

3.  kindle

The kindle application is not a music application but it is very useful to use with music. One of my most favorite music education websites related to jazz improvisation and saxophone is Neff Music. I have purchased all of Steve Neff’s pdf format  books and I upload them to my kindle application on my iPad using the “Send to kindle” application.

Send to kindle for PC

Send to kindle for mac

I work through the Steve Neff books on my iPad and it works well. I have no problem reading the music on the display. Here is a picture of my iPad on a mic stand.


After using the iPad on gigs for the past couple of months I am convinced that it was a good investment.