Review of “How To Play Bebop 1” by David Baker

David Baker has written three books on how to play bebop. This review will take a look at volume one.

The book consists of two parts. Part one begins with a brief background of the bebop scales and then begins with the bebop dominant scale. In the most basic terms the bebop scales takes a 7 note scale and adds an extra chromatic note. The addition of the extra chromatic note creates an 8 note scale with all of the chord tones occurring on the downbeats.  Mr. Baker provides numerous examples of the following:

  1. Starting the scale on any note of the scale
  2. Bebop endings
  3. Extending the Bebop line
  4. Using enclosure ( adding a half step above the target chord note, a half step below the target chord note and then the chord note )
  5. Joining the bebop scale with other scales
  6. The bebop major scale
  7. An example Bebop Solo

Part two of the book is a scale syllabus.

If you are looking for a series of books with a serious study of the bebop scale you should consider this series.


How to Play Bebop – Volume 1