Review of Connecting Chords With Linear Harmony by Bert Ligon

The playing always comes first and then someone takes the time to analyze what the great jazz artists are doing.  This is exactly the case with Bert Ligon and his 146 page book “Connecting Chords With Linear Harmony”.

Bert is a Professor of Jazz at the University of South Carolina School of Music.

Bert has studied hundreds of examples from the jazz greats and extracted three basic outlines from their solos that appear very often. The three basic outlines  are covered very quickly in the first part of the book.  The outlines are demonstrated in major and minor. The remainder of the book covers how to use embellishing devices to make the outlines sound more interesting.  Numerous examples of jazz greats are provided as examples that incorporate the three outlines.  An etude section is also included to demonstrate using the outlines over a few jazz standards.  This method shows how an improviser can provide harmonic clarity in their solos.

I highly recommend this book . You can purchase the book from the following link.


Connecting Chords with Linear Harmony – Jazz Book