Review of “Bebop Scales” by Joe Riposo

Bebop Scales was written by Joe Riposo. Joe Riposo is the Director of Jazz Studies at Syracuse University.

What is a bebop scale? The bebop scale is an 8 tone scale.  A chromatic half step is added to the basic 7 tone scales to cause the chord tones to fall on the downbeats. The bebop scale tends to provide a musical phrase with “forward motion”. An example descending bebop scale for C7 would include C,B,Bb,A,G,F,E,D.

The author provides bebop scales in all keys for the following scales:

  • major
  • dorian
  • mixolydian
  • locrian

The author provides exercises that move in minor seconds, fourths, ascending and descending major thirds and ascending and descending minor thirds.

The book also includes an application section that provides examples using the bebop scales.

If you are looking for a book that will give you a good workout on the bebop scale – you should consider this one.

Bebop Scales Jazz Scales and Patterns in All 12 Keys